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Tennis Clinics

Our small group instruction will give you the fun of playing with friends and the benefit of a Tennis Pro showing you how to improve your game, for ages 5 to adult.  Our low ratio of 6 students to 1 Pro assures that you will have plenty of focused attention for a fraction of the cost of private instruction.  Our tennis clinics are designed to immediately get you into the game.  Through play and instruction, students will feel the emotional, mental, and physical benefits provided by this fun and healthy activity.

Tennis Clinics sessions through the year are 7 weeks long and meet once or twice per week.  Our summer tennis clinic sessions are shortened to 2 week sessions that meet twice per week to accommodate your crazy summer schedule.

Carla Teaching her Under 10 Tennis Clinic

Beginning Juniors:  Red Ball, Orange Ball, Green Ball

  • Younger ages focus on major motor skills and racquet handling.
  • Introduction and emphasis on basic fundamentals of the forehand and backhand ground strokes, volleys, and serve.
  • Games and contests introduce students to the process of competition and sportsmanship, discipline, and fair play.
  • We use the USTA program with bigger, slower moving balls (Red Balls) for the youngest players, moving to “orange ball” and “green ball” as the juniors become more proficient in eye-hand coordination and skills.  The courts are sized smaller for our youngest players to give them the right size space.

Intermediate/Advanced Juniors & Adult Curriculum

  • Emphasis on building the ability to maintain a long rally, play play tennis matches, and place the ball with success.
  • Focus on the rules of tennis, ball pace and placement, and explore singles and doubles strategy.
  • Refining basic stroke fundamentals through drills, games, and contests.
  • Sportsmanship, discipline, and fair play

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