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Tennis Camps

You’ll have fun soaking up all things tennis and getting in the groove in our camps!  This super fun environment will bring you focused tennis instruction in a short period of time (3 or 4 days in a row) so you can absorb it all quickly.  We keep it fun with a variety of drills, skills, play, and games for kids and adults!

All of our tennis camps are led by certified tennis teaching professionals with paid instructors (not high school student volunteers!). Get superb value from our camps as you learn the best techniques from those who are trained to teach you the right way.

For beginners, our tennis instruction focuses on basic eye-hand coordination skills, fun games, and practice.  For intermediate and advanced players, we continue to refine stroke fundamentals and begin working on specialty shots and game strategy.  All camps include fitness essentials to improve your tennis game.

Campers should bring a tennis racquet (loaners are available), water bottle, and wear non-marking court shoes.  A maximum of eight students per coach assures high quality instruction and individualized attention for each participant.

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