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Our New Court Booking System!

Nov 29th, 2016

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Our New Court Booking System!

We are excited about switching over to our new Court Reservation System. It will allow better reservation access and court tracking. Even better: it is combined with our Club Management Software, so that all aspects of the Club are now connected. We have been using the new system “behind the scenes” since Nov. 9th and it is working great.

“Club Automation” is the name of our new software.  It was developed by tennis players for tennis clubs and used in over 200 locations around the US. There are certain things we can and can’t do with this system.

It is nearly time to go “live” when everyone will get to use it.

On December 5th, we will turn off Gametime
and everyone will use Club Automation.
Yes, it is different. Yes, you will have to learn a new system (or call us!   We can always make reservations for you). Yes, the new system requires us to implement new rules to accommodate how the software functions. And it works GREAT! Have no fear, we will always be able to help you with court booking at our front desk and can help you ease into the new system.

#1     Making an Advance Reservation is exactly the same.

The reservations open at 7am for the full week out. You can book online, by phone, or in person. For instance, if today is Monday, you can book a court as far ahead as next Monday.
#2     Check-in is required at the front desk before going to the court.
If you don’t have a membership card, don’t worry! We will issue one to you (no charge). Checking in at the front desk will automatically check you in for your court. We don’t want the system to automatically charge you for a no-show fee by failing to check in. Please use your card to check in and remember to change any names on your court for players who have changed. Besides, it’s actually a Club requirement to check in each time you visit the club – it’s a measure that helps keep everyone safe. If you forget your card, we can manually check you in – just stop by the front desk!
#3     Court Reservations are “Rolling” instead of “Calendar”
This is a requirement of the new system (and the new version of Gametime would have required it as well.  There was no avoiding this one!) Instead of having reservations for a week, now you have a rolling number of reservations… this means you can play more days per week at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!
Don’t worry, you can still book 3 courts per week (and more!)
Here is how it works:
Adult Tennis Memberships may have 1 reservation today PLUS 3 Advance Reservations. When one of the Advance Reservations becomes “today” (as of midnight – start of day) you may book another Advance Reservation up to a full week ahead.
Child Tennis Pearl 10-18 Memberships may hold 1 reservation “today” plus 2 Advance.
Student Memberships have limited reservations which allow for Advance Reservations on Friday evenings and all day Saturday and Sunday.
#4     “24-hour Reservations” have changed to become “Same Day” reservations Literally (this is also a system requirement). You can book a “Same Day” reservation on the day of play….beginning online at midnight or bookable at the front desk during our normal operating hours. Unbooked lesson courts will become available for Same Day reservations at midnight.
#5     Maximum 1 Court per Day
With a regular tennis membership you may book a maximum of ONE court per day. This was an important decision for us. The new system required us to either reduce the number of Advance Reservations or reduce how many times in a day you can play. We chose to continue to offer 3 Advance Reservations so you have the convenience of planning out your tennis week as you always have.
#6     Want to play 2X per day?
The TX2 Double Membership is back! In addition to your regular membership, the TX2 requires a 6 month ($99/month) or 12 month ($89/month) commitment if you want the advantage of playing 2X per day with double the reservations. OR you can pay the $20 additional court fee to play twice in one day.  Subject to availability.
#7     Walk-on Courts are Still Unlimited
A “Walk-on Court” is any court that is unbooked at the start of playtime. Same as now, 1 hour prior to the court start time, you can put your name on a Priority Placement Waitlist for the court. If the court is still unbooked at the court start time, it goes to the first name on the list. Member must be present at court start time or it is given to the next person on the list.
#8     Before you play, please be sure the correct players are listed on your court. This is a current Club rule, but with the new system we will be sticklers about having the correct names on the court before play time. If the wrong people are listed on the court, the court “host” (the person who booked the court) will be charged the $20 guest fee per incorrect name (no matter if the players are members or not). This is where Doug’s vote won. He voiced that people who “work around” the system and use incorrect names results in unfair allocation of court times and that is just not fair to all of our members. We cannot allow to happen. So we are serious and it is a simple thing to do; please correct your list of players before the start of your court time. All edits to players for your court must be made through the front desk.
#9     Court Fee: $0.04 – yes, 4 cents.
Our new software requires a court fee to track court use. Most of the country charges court fees for each court. So the software was written so that it can only track/record bookings and data if we charge. We are happy to offer a bowl of pennies at the front desk if you’d like your 2 cents back. In 2017, all court fees paid will be contributed to our junior scholarship fund. The $0.04 court fee will be shared between players: singles are $0.02 each and doubles are $0.01 each. Keep in mind that even if you play every day, this will only add up to about 30 cents to 60 cents per month. Still the best bargain in the nation!
#10  Court Cancellations  – you may cancel your own court through your member portal when it is more than 24 hours prior to the start of court time.
If it is less than 24 hours, there is a $10 per court late cancel fee that will be shared between the players. If one person wants to pay the whole fee, we can take care of that for you at the front desk. If you are a NO-SHOW for the court, you’ll be charged an additional $10 per person fee.
#11  Ball Machine Court fee $10 will be shared between the players (if there is more than one).
If you are a member of the Ball Machine Club then your part of the fee (if you are sharing the Ball Machine) would be covered by the BMC. All people using the ball machine must be listed on the court reservation.
Those are the basics!
It’s going to be OK!  We know change can be challenging. We will help answer all your questions, and if we don’t know, we will find out. Remember that we are still learning the new system along with you.

Have questions?  We are offering some group information sessions at these times:

Questions about the system:

Wednesday 11/30 @8:00-8:30am, 9:15-9:45am, 11:45-12:15pm, 6:45-7:15pm
Thursday 12/1 @9:15-9:45am, 1:00-1:30pm, 6:00-6:30pm

Next Email: Friday 12/2/16 – Instructions on how to set up your member portal!

We’ll even post video tutorial for you to watch so that you can how to do it step by step!

Meet with me to answer your questions and get help setting up your “portal”

Friday 12/2/16: @ 6:45-7:15am, 10:30-11:00am, 1:00-1:30pm
Saturday 12/3/16: @ 10am-2pm
Sunday 12/4/16: @ 12pm-3pm
Monday 12/5/16:  @ 6am-8pm
Tuesday 12/6/16:  @ 6am-3pm (It’s the Jingle Bell Warm Up party at Bellingham Toyota!  Come to our hot cocoa booth 5-8pm)

Plus we’ll add more times if needed…


Robin Robertson
Club Owner & Manager
PS – Why ARE we changing?  We were facing a system upgrade with Gametime that also required a change to a rolling system.  Since we HAD to make that change, we are solving several problems with unifying our TWO programs for club management and court booking systems into ONE program – that means fewer goofs, simple and easy to read bills, the convenience of email billing, and easy access for you to see your account and courts all in one place.  I’ve been searching for an “all in one” software for 5 years and Club Automation is our best option.  We did not make the decision for this change lightly – we know how hard change can be.  But we can do this!  Thinking in new patterns is good for our brains, too.

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