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Our Changes are Here! Read All-About It!

Oct 7th, 2016

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Our Changes are Here! Read All-About It!

Feeling Zombie?

It’s Finally Here!  (Well, almost)

We’ve been working so hard that I feel like a Zombie!  Wait, I look like one too! Even as a zombie, I am SO EXCITED for our club improvements just around the corner.

Our remodel permit has been approved and we are working with our contractor to set a schedule. We anticipate starting in late October and wrapping up in January to bring you a fresh face (no more zombie) and more comfortable and modern welcome to the Club.

“Change is Hard at First,
Messy in the Middle,
and Gorgeous at the End.”

~Robin Sharma

We are pinning our hopes on *gorgeous* and hope you will have patience with the Hard and Messy Parts!  We will do our best to remain open during construction and we ask you to anticipate that there will be areas of the lobby that you will not be able to freely access while we make our changes.
What to look forward to:  Click here to read more!
  1. One of the first things to happen is our administrative office (Robin, Roxanne, Erin/Betty) will be temporarily moved offsite. We have a cute suite just on Harris so that we can keep the office humming during construction. We tried to figure a way to shuffle people and computers around during construction but decided offsite would be far less complicated and cleaner for the computers.
  2. A new door and stairway to Court 3 will be installed (now at the last of the lobby windows looking onto court 3)
  3. The new reception area will be widened (the current “alcove” area now with merchandise and the door to court 3)
  4. The coffee service area/storage will be built (located by the TV wall)
  5. The enclosed office and consultation space will be built (located at the current front desk site)
  6. New flooring throughout the lobby area and into areas of the locker rooms.
  7. The lounge area (now Jackie’s and Matt’s office) will be completed to include a fireplace with the TV over it, comfortable furniture, a computer lounge, bar viewing to the tennis courts, and board games!
There is a big diagram of the “before” and “after” in the lobby. Be sure to stop and check it out!  Or see it by clicking here.

A huge shout out to Roxanne who is leading our “transition team” in our conversion to our new software with support from Leigha compiling report after report.

We are working hard behind the scenes (thus my feeling like a zombie) to get it right. I don’t know if any of you have ever moved a business from one software to another …it is a little stressful because we want to do it right and not drop a detail on anyone’s account.

We will let you know just as soon as we have nailed down all of the terms as to how the court booking system will work. Roxanne is raving about how simple and clear the billing system looks which is good news to those who’ve had questions about your statements and just couldn’t understand it (we totally understand, we’re in that same boat.)
It has taken longer than we thought and we now anticipate switching in early November. Thanks for your flexibility on this.

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