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Get Fit Fast! Redefine your body without ever lifting a weight.  In every TRX session you get a 3-in-1 workout that targets specific muscle groups; all core all the time; plus balance training to make you lean, strong, and stable.Georgeanne Melissa Jackie Eric

All levels of ability are welcome – there is a challenge in every session for beginners as well as seasoned athletes. This is a really fun way to build strength and lean muscles.  Our workouts always flow nicely so you keep moving and we add in intervals to get your heart rate up; a great combination to boost your metabolism.

“TRX Intro” is required prior to participating in TRX Blast or TRX Mobility.  During the Intro you’ll learn the basic moves and how to easily adjust the straps.  Call us to schedule your TRX Intro now.  Two for the price of one – bring a friend for free!

TRX Personal Training – Based on our client’s goals and needs, our trainers can incorporate the TRX into personal training sessions.  Ask your trainer if TRX is right for you.

TRX Blast – This is a short, intense workout using suspension training exercises to increase core stability, strength and power.  All levels are welcome because you are in control of how hard you work. 30 minutes, max 10 participants.

TRX Mobility –  Increase your functional range of motion, improve balance and release muscle tension with unique exercises and stretches that can only be done with the TRX.  The exercises are specifically chosen with knees, hips and shoulder sin mind.  45 minutes, max 10 participants.  This camp meets Mondays at Fridays at 9am.

A schedule of all club programs, including TRX, is available for download on the sidebar to your right.