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Cycling: Healthy Knees & Cycle Moles


Our indoor cycling programs were developed by long-time cyclist (and club owner) Robin Robertson.  We offer a periodized interval training style so that you’ll see big improvement from the beginning to the end of our camps.  Why periodized?  So that we can build on what you’ve accomplished the week before and are always working at the appropriate intensity for improvements in strength and stamina.

A full schedule of all club programs, including Cycle Moles, can be found on the sidebar to your right!

Healthy Knees Indoor Cycling Camps

  • Do you suffer from aching knees?
  •  Are you limited in your activity because of your knees?
  •  Are you recovering from a knee surgery and just can’t seem to get stronger?

I have good news for you!


Over the last 8 years, I have developed a program that is designed to help those

with sore, aching, even post-operative knees. When done correctly (and yes, there is a wrong way), indoor cycling is the perfect way to rehabilitate injuries, build strength, increase stability, and reduce your aches and pains.

The “Healthy Knees Cycle Camp” is an 8 week progressive program to help you build knee strength and confidence without any of that irritating impact that comes with walking or running.  Cycling is easy on your knees when you have your bike set up properly (we’ll help you with that!) and we’ll teach you the specific cycling techniques that are easy on your knees.  Both camps include a private meeting to talk about your knees and health and an individual bike fit so that you know exactly how to set up your bike every time (Value $85!)

Healthy Knees Level I  (45 minutes)

In our Level I camp, we start with 30 minute sessions on the bike and 15 minutes of Core and Stretching.  We focus on the Healthy Knees Fundamentals of Bike Fit, Body Position, Pedal Speed, and Pedal Tension.  We gradually work up to 45 minutes on the bike as you build stamina, power, and endurance. Not only will your knees feel better, but you will too!  This camp is ideal for anyone who has not been active on a regular basis.

Healthy Knees Level II (60 minutes with 45 min. on bike + 15 min Core & Stretching)

In our Level II camp we build muscle and knee strength through interval training.  We continue to focus on the Healthy Knees Fundamentals while adding some challenges to build aerobic endurance as well as leg strength.  This camp is open for our Healthy Knees I graduates and others with a basic level of fitness.  Your knees will thank you!


Cycle Moles Training Camps

Our Camps are a periodized training plan which means we’ve already done the planning for you to incorporate build, peak, and recovery periods to help you get stronger faster.  Because we have a set group, we can make amazing progress building at the right pace on each of the previous workouts.  You never have to worry about your exercise intensely because we’ve planned that too.  This is the next best thing to having a personal coach.

Cycle Moles Training Camps are designated as Level 1 or Level 2.

Level 1 is appropriate for anyone who wants a great workout, is a fitness enthusiast, and needs no prior experience with cycling indoors or out.  No matter what your level of fitness, you can always find a challenge and we’ll coach you every step of the way.  Level 1 training sessions are 60 minutes and include a coached ride plus stretching.

Level 2 is for the seasoned cyclist or anyone with a strong aerobic base.  We heat up the intensity of the rides throughout the camp so that you’ll end with a much stronger level of fitness with improvements in your pedal stroke and power.
Level 2 training sessions are 90 minutes and include a coached ride, the CORE 100, plus stretching.


2X per Week Training to improve your fitness over the winter with a coached, periodized training plan.  Learn techniques to make riding easier and more comfortable.  Enjoy the camaraderie with your Cycle Moles indoor training team!


Training Camps in Sequence – Each with a theme that builds on the last!! You’ll be the strongest if you do them all, but still receive massive benefit with just one.


STARTS 9/7 (early fall)
#1 Elements of Style:  Technique & Form Foundations

This important camp will focus on the foundations that make you an efficient and powerful cyclist.  We’ll hone in on improving your cycling technique and body position so that perfect pedal stroke becomes second nature and you find the most comfortable and effective position for more power.  Level 1 Only.


STARTS 10/31 (late fall)
#2 Aerobic Base Buildingcycle moles spring

We use the prior session as the launch pad for you to begin building a bigger stronger aerobic engine so that you can do more for longer with less stress.  The focus is on heart rate and full recovery to expand your capabilities for endurance and speed.  This is the “heart” of your training to give you that strong fitness base to make all of your activities a little easier.


STARTS 1/2  (winter)
#3 Aerobic Base & Strength Building             

Since you’ve built your aerobic base in the prior session, we start reducing recovery to improve your heart’s efficiency and add power building drills to improve force and muscular endurance at moderate heart rates and power outputs.  You are ready for these rolling hills, seated climbs, and sustained efforts.


STARTS 2/27 (early spring)
#4 Power Build and Interval Training

Perfect for Ski to Sea Training!  You are now prepared for muscle endurance, power, time trial efforts, speed skills, and high-end aerobic intervals with a variety of drills and ride simulations to continue to build your strength and endurance as you produce more power and higher watts than you thought possible.  That means you are getting stronger!


STARTS 4/24 (late spring)
#5 Aerobic/Anaerobic Interval Training

Perfect for Ski to Sea Training! We’ll take you to that race-ready level so that you are prepared for all of your spring and summer adventures.  We’ll work drills for force, stamina, and push the limits on your aerobic capacity, plus mix in high level efforts to expand your lactate tolerance with anaerobic intervals and race simulations.  You are ready for this!

Cycle Moles L2 Winter 2014-15 group2v2

“I had let my busy and stressful work schedule coupled with an injury take me out of exercising and training.  While still far from where I was prior to the injury Cycle Moles has got me back on track to get and stay healthy.  The perfect springboard I needed. What I liked most about the Cycle Moles Training Camp is the process. You can really feel how the form building to base building to strength building benefits the body. The workouts are hitting their designed goals.” ~Brent R.


Bike Options:  Choose our Keiser M3i indoor cycles with heart rate, RPM, watts and dual pedal toe cage/SPD clipless pedals  OR BYOBike to use on one of our Kurt Kinetic fluid trainers.  We highly recommend the MYZONE heartrate training system available when you register for just $85 (reg. price $149).

Cycle Moles Ride the Tour Challenge

Be a part of the Tour de France!  Watch the live tour while you ride each day’s profile (in one hour because we are WAAY faster than the Pros).  Win prizes for sprint points, mountain climbs, and trivia; earn ranking points each day you ride.  We ride every day the Pros ride; when they rest, we rest.  This is a super fun way to super charge your riding this summer.  The Tour typically runs about 3 weeks in early July.


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