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Construction Update – Buildings and Roadwork

Aug 8th, 2017

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Construction Update – Buildings and Roadwork


There is lots going on in our “neck of the woods” and it will get busier with more BIG improvements over the next year.


Project Owner Dave Ebenal has received building permit and is building a 5 story mixed use building directly across the street from the Club.

The first step is to underground all of the electrical lines (very expensive!!!) which will be completed in the middle/end of September.

The next step is the excavation of lots of dirt for the underground parking job. That will take a good part of Sept/Oct and will involve lots of BIG trucks coming and going ~ so please be careful.

Then construction of the concrete foundation/underground garage (through end of year?). After that the building (wood frame construction) will be built on top of that. Completion is expected for the end of next summer.


Our design plans have been approved! Our addition is for 2,700 sf in front of courts 1 & 2 for additional office space and a large group training facility.  We will also do a facelift to the front of the Club so that it is as beautiful outside as it is inside.

PLUS, we’ve just had two more big milestones: the building permit was submitted and the City did approve the vacation of portion of McKenzie and re-alignment of easements. We hope to receive the approved building permit in September and begin construction by Oct. 1.

Unlike the remodel, the construction of the addition will have little or no impact upon operation of the club, except for temporary closure of approximately 8 parking spaces on the east end of McKenzie.


As part of our two projects we have agreed with Dave Ebenal to completely redesign and rebuild McKenzie: a one way going west with angle parking.  This design provides for the maximum amount of parking and decreases traffic conflicts (a two way would require a turn around at the creek end of the road because the City converted 10th to

a one way). As part of the street redesign, Doug and I volunteered to build a sidewalk on our side of McKenzie to improve safety of all those coming and going from the club.

Within the next week, we will start the street redesign process on our side of the road by putting all of our wires underground.

This will involve a temporary closure of about 8 parking spaces at the east end of the Club.

 The reconstruction of McKenzie will not occur until next summer/early fall–the road will be built only once the projects on both sides of McKenzie are completed.

We thank you in advance with your patience during construction.  It may mean you need to plan a few more minutes for parking and walk a little bit more (that’s ultimately a good thing for your body!) to get to the Club.

We think you will LOVE the end results and will benefit from our additional amenities. ~ Robin & Doug Robertson, Club Owners

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