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Success Stories

Just four sessions on the bike and I feel a difference.  I can do more without getting winded!

~ L. Lawson


Thanks for providing such a welcoming and well run club for our fabulous community!

~ Linda Colbert


The classes I once dreaded for feeling like I wouldn’t fit in, for being the largest or the clumsiest, are now a part of what I consider an essential and fun part of my life. And as it turns out, no one cares how coordinated you are or aren’t; we’re all busy just trying to make our own small gains.

~ E. Kent


The Club is like the ‘Cheers’ bar – where everyone knows your name and they’re really glad you came.

~ M. Hodnett


I was very impressed with the tennis coaches — their encouragement, alertness, insightful observation and quick coaching as they ran us through seamless and fast paced drills was nothing less than spectacular. Wonderful people, wonderful club…

~ Woody D., Club Guest


When rejoining the Club I was reminded of how friendly the atmosphere is at the tennis club. Whether you are there for tennis, to work out, or for a class, everyone is always happy to see you.

~ Corina H.