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Robin Robertson, Manager & Owner / Personal Trainer & Cycling Coach

Email: robin@bellinghamtennis.com

When you feel good, life seems better.  I believe that everyone has a starting point for feeling better – both internally with how your body works and feels and externally with how you look and carry yourself.  Every day brings an opportunity to do something good for yourself through exercise and making healthy choices.  And when you feel good, you share that with others, helping to make our world a friendlier place.

Besides helping members to feel fit, play hard, and enjoy life, I want to share my love of cycling and fitness with everyone!  I started running at a young age, mostly because my brothers were chasing me!  It was good training though, and I ran competitively through high school and at WWU.  However, I had to stop all impact sports at the age of 25 because of my bad pair of knees from a congenital condition and subsequent surgeries.  This meant no more running or skiing and so I turned to cycling, swearing it has held off a knee replacement and kept me strong – even with arthritis and a total of 8 knee surgeries (to date!).

I love to work with people who are ready to make a healthy change in their lives or boost their performance.  I will help you set up a unique cardio training program with our Metabolic Assessment system.  Your program is based on your metabolism, your specific heart rate zones, and the time you have available for training.  I will also help you with a proper fit on our stationary cycles.  The best thing about indoor cycling is that anyone can do it and no one gets left behind.


  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from WWU
  • USAC Cycling Coach Level 3
  • LeMond RevMaster & CycleOps Power Certified Instructor
  • Certified in Metabolic Assessments
  • Washington State “Masters B” Best All Around Road Racer 2008 Champion; 2009 2nd Place
  • Health and fitness professional since 2000; athlete forever
  • CPR, First Aid, and AED Certified

Cycling (road, mountain, commuting) · Strength training and fitness · TravelGardening · Sewing · Community service · Kicking back to watch a good movie  · Doing things outside · And MOSTLY, I want to have fun with my best friend and husband Doug and our two children.


Matthew Iwersen, Assistant Manager & Tennis Director

Email: matthewi@bellinghamtennis.com

Tennis is a game for life. With this in mind I believe there is much more to this game than just hitting the tennis ball. Tennis can enhance your overall fitness, mental acuity, and social life!  You fitness level will benefit from improved cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, balance, and flexibility. You’ll stay sharp through by improving your mental fortitude through tennis practice and competition. I believe most of all that tennis can improve a person’s outlook on life because it is so much fun to play and a fantastic way to meet great people along the way.

I feel that each person has unique abilities which should be highlighted to make the most out of their tennis game. Just as every one has different DNA, every one’s game is unique to them. I try to bring out the client’s best physical and mental attributes in the journey to improving ones tennis game. My goal is to have the client reach their potential by strengthening their fundamentals, improving their confidence, and continue to realize they are playing the game to have fun!



  • USPTA Certified Professional since 1987; level P-1
  • Played college tennis at San Jose State University
  • Taught tennis in California, New York, Antigua (West Indies), Montana, and Bellingham
  • BA in History (San Francisco State University)
  • PE Minor and Teaching Credential requirements from the University of Montana
  • Taught Middle School for three years in San Pablo, CA.
  • Certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED
I spend most of my free time with my wife, Kathy, and two great kids, Eloise and Clive. I enjoy many other sports and hope to pass on the joy of being active to my children. When not doing housework or kids’ activities, I enjoy going to music concerts (mostly rock), visiting my other siblings and friends, watching a good sports game, and relaxing around the house.


Jackie Ellis, Fitness Director

Email: jackie@fairhavenfitness.us


Fitness motto:  “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Jackie is a firm believer that there is a way for all of us to move and be fit. “But since we are all different, have different needs, goals and abilities,we have to get creative!

I consider my training approach to be training for life, not just for fitness. Therefore functional exercises, ones that make us more efficient in everyday activities, are the building blocks of my physical conditioning style.  My clients can expect to see changes not only in body weight, composition or strength, but also in power, speed, flexibility, balance, and personal growth.  I am dedicated to helping people to live healthier and to reach a more abundant life through stress reduction and an active lifestyle.

I love to work with clients of all ages and abilities. All I ask my clients to have and  bring to a session is 1) physical energy and 2) mental toughness. These two things are their most important resources and are the only things I cannot provide. They are not dependent on age, skill, or ability.

Just start somewhere and you’ll be surprised where you end up!”


  • American Council of Exercise( ACE) Certified Personal Trainer
  • Experience in the fitness industry since 2001
  • Certified Les Mills Instructor in 4 programs
  • TRX trained instructor
  • Certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED

In my free time, I love to make things. Carpentry, quilting and sewing are all favorites of mine. I also enjoy reading; you can catch me reading a book on a rainy afternoon. I love to run and workout. And lately I’ve been pinning things like crazy on Pinterest. It’s addicting!


Griffin Wood, Tennis Teaching Professional

Griffen hug racquet on courtI strongly believe that sound fundamentals and mechanics are the keys to improving your game and maximizing your enjoyment on the court. Whether it is a small grip change or learning an entirely new stroke I strive to have players leaving the court with a feeling of accomplishment after each session. Most importantly, I will always consider myself a student of the game and want to continually improve and learn more in order to become the best instructor and player I can be.

I truly enjoy working with players who are passionate not only about tennis but strive to become their best self. Tennis is a sport where players can always be improving and honing their skills. And I get the most pleasure out of working with players who want to play at the very best of their ability and love the feeling of improving their game. Overall, no matter what the age, skill level or tennis background, I take pride in helping players achieve their personal tennis goals.



  • USPTA Certified Tennis Instructor
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Assistant Director at Mercer Island Beach Club
  • Tennis Coaching Experience since 2009
  • CPR & AED Certified

I moved to Bellingham three years ago but have spent almost my entire life in the Pacific Northwest. I began playing tennis just before high school and quickly fell in love with the sport. My goal for the future is to help grow tennis throughout the Northwest via education, coaching and competition. When I’m not on the court I’m either working out, snowboarding, skim boarding, hiking or studying nutrition. LETS GO PLAY!!!


Elizabeth Sheinkopf, Personal Trainer

I have been interested in athletics and improving myself physically my entire adult life. As a child, I had very little opportunity to experience a variety of sports and forms of physical expression, and therefore felt inadequate and unconfident in this realm. As a result, I feel very strongly about giving children a variety of opportunities in sports, fitness, dance, etc. so that they might find the activity that they love, setting the stage for a healthy adult life.

As I have aged, injuries have forced me to change the way I train and the sports and activities I do. At times I have felt this to be a painful process, one of giving up; of getting old. Ultimately, I see it as an opportunity to explore new things and learn to push myself in new ways. I can empathize with anyone who has had an injury, or has had to give up a favorite sport or activity. I firmly believe that this doesn’t mean that you have to give up being a great athlete and in optimum physical condition, but you may need some help getting there.

I enjoy working with anyone who wants to work hard, no matter their age or fitness level. Training could entail a complete lifestyle change or a small tweak in an existing program. No matter how large or small the change, I think of training as a collaborative process. Together we can make the changes to your program and your lifestyle that will enable you to be your best self.



  • BA English, State University of New York
  • BA Education, Eastern Oregon University
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • 15 years experience traditional Karate and Tae Kwon do
  • 10+ years experience in modern dance
  • Certified LeMond Indoor cycling instructor, Power Pilates instructor
  • Certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED
· Cycling · Hiking · Community theatre · Weight lifting · Arts and crafts · Reading · Helping in my children’s classrooms · Community service · Travel



TJ Tipton, Tennis Pro

My love of tennis comes from the complexity of the game, requiring so many abilities like quickness, strength, stamina, strategy, and mental toughness. A tennis game can constantly evolve and be honed throughout one’s life. Tennis can be as competitive as each player likes and be an individual or a team sport. It can be played for the amazing workout or the great social aspects it provides.

I believe tennis is one of the best sports ever created, played by young and old alike.

Since no player’s game is exactly the same, I enjoy working with all levels and ages as each provides the challenge of helping each person meet their goals. Whether it’s the beginner learning the basics, or a tournament level player looking for a competitive edge, I enjoy it all. I especially enjoy seeing it “click” with each player; that’s the moment when the shot or strategy turns from a deliberately thoughtful mental process to a natural and effortless one.


  • USPTR certified professional.
  • NAIA Academic All American for Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Coaching tennis for over 20 years
  • Assistant Pro – Woods Tennis Center
  • Assistant Pro – Lincoln Country Club
  • Instructor and Counselor Cornhusker Tennis Camp
  • Coach – Nebraska Junior Select Team
  • Owner of Cosmic Comics here in Bellingham
  • Certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED
When I am not teaching or spending time at my store, I enjoy being outdoors with my dogs, hiking, or playing disc golf. I also love watching movies, and football, since I grew up in Nebraska…GO HUSKERS!




Debbie Brown, Tennis Pro

My philosophy is that tennis is a lifetime sport for the whole individual including:

• Mind: focus – on the here and now

• Body: fitness – strength and flexibility

• Spirit: fun – passion and creativity

My approach is not “one size fits all”, but customized individual formulas based on learning style, potential, and objectives to achieve maximum results.  I use a cooperative approach to develop problem solving capabilities.  Every time a player prepares to hit the tennis ball, a decision is required.  Getting in to proper position to hit the ball requires anticipation, fitness, and speed.  The challenge of competition involves innovation, stamina, and passion.  As Billie Jean King says, “pressure is a privilege.”  My greatest joy is helping players develop qualities that will serve them for a lifetime, both on and off the court.

I enjoy teaching all ages; from three year old Tracy Austin to senior players in their eighties and nineties.  I love teaching all abilities; from top ranked tournament players to players with special needs.  My teaching style works will with students of a wide range of interests; from serious competitors to those who play for fun or cardio fitness.



  • USPTA Certified Professional Pro-1
  • Certified Cardio Tennis Instructor
  • University of California at Irvine, Lifetime Teaching Credential K-12, and B.A.
  • Vic Braden Tennis College, Teaching Pro
  • Jack Kramer Tennis Club, Teaching Pro
  • Palos Verdes Tennis Club, Assistant Teaching Pro
  • USPTA Member
  • USTA Member
  • CPR, AED, First Aid Certification
· Tennis · Cycling · Fitness · Kayaking · Snowboarding · Surfing · Stand-up paddling  · Hiking · Foreign languages · Singing · Piano · Opera · Guitar