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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We are passionately committed to helping people enjoy life through the physical, mental, and social benefits of fitness and tennis.



A healthier, more active community by helping people incorporate exercise into their daily lives.



Getting Fit, Playing Hard, & Enjoying Life!


Guiding Principles

As a Tennis & Fitness Club, our priorities are to: 

  • Welcome every Member and guest with a warm smile, a personalized greeting and a helpful attitude.
  • Establish a relationship with all Members and guests and do our best to introduce Members and guests to one another.
  • Provide our Members and guests with answers to their questions about tennis, personal training, group training and our Club.  Also to provide Members, guests, and staff with the products, information, and resources they need.
  • Offer an approach to tennis, fitness, and overall health that encompasses cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle considerations.
  • Develop fun, safe, and effective programs that offer variety both on the tennis court, in the fitness room, and beyond!  We will continue to create and implement unique programs tailored to the specific needs of our Members.
  • Encourage Members to participate in Club events, socials, competitions, and outdoor adventures.
  • Uphold professional certifications and trainings for staff to provide the best possible services and programs for our Members and guests.  We always have at least one staff member present who is certified in CPR, first aid, and use of the AED (automatic external defibrillator.)
  • Operate the Club in an effective and efficient manner to ensure we have accurate information and documentation for members’ accounts and scheduling of appointments.
  • Ensure that our Club is clean, organized and presentable every day.  We aim to attend to and repair any malfunctions or problems on the Club property as quickly as possible.
  • Make meaningful improvements every month to our Club facilities, Member services, programs, and amenities.
  • Exercise and play tennis on a regular basis so that we can also “Be Fit, Play Hard, and Enjoy Life!”