Pooch Scoot 5K Fun Run & Walk

Thanks everyone for a fun and fantastic Event!Pooch scoot logo 2014

Here are the results from Pooch Scoot 2014
Held Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 Pooch Scoot Results!
Thanks to all who participated.  See you next year!
Name Race # Time
Tyler Mitchell 321 18:12.0
Jimmy Zierdt 326 19:26.7
Alanna Steele 309 19:38.9
Julie Steele 310 23:12.2
Emily Gavin 333 25:48.4
Emily Krieger 320 25:52.5
Marissa Jenkins 319 26:20.6
Eli Schillinger 100 26:59.2
Mary Jane Chmelik 317 27:42.1
Erica Henderson 105 27:44.5
Nicole Piscopo 102 28:35.1
Marisa Ellis 308 29:13.9
Kai Schillinger 304 29:21.1
Michelle Wrobbel 304 29:41.7
Lisa Wayerski 318 29:55.3
Kevin McEvoy 314 31:47.8
Lisa Sandel 315 31:48.5
Jennifer McIntosh 300 31:54.5
Roxy Culver 302 31:55.4
Melissa Conch 301 31:56.3
Stephanie Hendrickson 335 32:10.9
Lauren Meucci 377 33:07.6
Kate Abercrombie 323 33:08.1
Jeremy Kiniry 316 35:43.8
Parker Kiniry 103 35:44.5
Hilary Horer 336 36:56.2
John Wild 313 37:01.2
Caroline Wild 312 37:04.6
Stephen Gleissner 330 38:11.6
Madelyn Schultz 104 48:44.6
Steven Schultz 322 40:10.2
Heidi Johnson 223 41:33.8
Tracy Ginn 306 41:34.7
Phil Ginn 307 41:55.9
Tena Brown 203 43:13.6
Spencer Caldwell 325 43:14.2
Mollie Berres 324 44:16.0
Kristine Penrod 328 44:17.1
Susan Willhuft 334 44:18.2
Terry Preston 202 44:53.5
Cheryl Elfstrom 303 45:40.8
Marcia Hashman 311 54:14.4
Krista Morrow 234 54:14.6
Denise Whitman 227 55:05.7
Katy Borden 212 55:08.2
Kelly Hart 211 56:13.7
Devin Littlefield 225 56:15.6
Dakota Littlefield 226 56:39.9
Jay Littlefield 223 56:41.3
Joanna Littlefield 329 58:25.8
Kathy Denney 229 58:27.2
Arlene Fonda 228 58:45.4
Kristin Dunkin 216 58:47.3
Jan Horn 215 59:42.6
Sharon Morris 222 1.00:16.53
Kathryn Peck 204 1:00.18.07
Kim Parmer 205 1:01.07.01
Joel Demmon 217 1:01.14.79
Tracey Demmon 213 1:02.54.75
Jennifer McKinney 233 1:03.14.55
Trae Forrest 200 1:07.15.68
Kim Belcher 201 1:07.17.88
Leann Martin 209 1:07.42.28
Elizabeth Mitchel 210 1:07.44.00
Ella Pierlam 208 1:08.22.97
Bradley Pierlam 207 1:08.23.62
Carolyn Matthews 220 1:08.28.34
Dani Bates 221 1:08.52.41
Bruce Sterline 210 1:08.52.90
Danier Crisafulli 230 1:08.59.85
Carmen Green 232 1:09.28.76
Susan Crisafulli 231 1:09.31.16
Jeannie Scholl 219 1:09.35.23
Carrie Ann Shusta 218 1:18.11.52
Susan Spaniol 236 1:19.36.06
Margaret Kim 235 1:21.12.16
Karen Vaden 206 1:21.14.31
Barbara Hinshaw 305 1:21.36.22

Check out the action at 2014 Pooch Scoot!


white-dog-quietly-getting-r pre-race-dog-meets-dog pre-race-bunch-of-dogs pre-race-3-dogs-yellow-rain pet-stop-&-dogs girl-w-2-labs dog-meets-dog-big dino-dog cowboy-dog carolyn-&-dog big-pink-coat-dog bassat-hound barking-dog-with-tutu All-sizes-dogs-pink-coat

runners-no-dogs-3-boys start-line-with-dogs Start-with-Dogs

2-dogs-trees blue-shirt-black-white-dog- boys-in-woods-running purple-shirt-runner-woods runners-white-dog-trail small-dog-trees white-shirt-runner-woods

blue-shirt-black-white-dog- boys-in-woods-running finish-blue-shirt-black-dog finish-line-white-shirt-run little-dot-pink-hair running-to-finish-boysbig-dog-pink-coat running-to-finish-pink-tigh

Join us for a fun 5K Run/Walk with your Pooch!

(That can be your belly or your dog….)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Start Times:

9:00 am Runners (no dogs)
9:10 am Runners with dogs and all walkers


Start and end at the Bellingham Tennis Club & Fairhaven Fitness.

Enjoy a beautiful loop on rolling terrain through the Fairhaven neighborhood and dog park on streets and trails.

YUM!  We’ll have two “Pooch Treat” stations along the way and goodies at the end.

*PRIZES*  This is really an “all in fun” event, so we’ll give prizes to:
    • Top 3 Finishers, Men & Women
    • 1st Dog
    • Best Dressed Dog (& human)

Early Registration ends April 16

    • $25 per person (includes 1 dog)
    • $5 per additional dog
    • $15 per cool Tech shirt


    • We want to help you and your dog get ready!  Download your FREE 5K Training Plan here:$30 per person (includes 1 dog)
    • $5 per additional dog
    • No shirts available (sad pooch)


Mayo Clinic 5K 7 week Training Plan


Q. Do I have to leash my dog?
A.  Yes!  AND you have to hang on to the leash, clean up after your dog, and make sure you and pooch are well behaved.

Q:  May I bring more than one dog?
A:  Yes.  You may bring multiple dogs as long as they are on a leash and you control them (not the other way around).  One dog is included in your entry fee, extra dogs are $5 each.

Q.  What if it is raining?  Do I get money back?
A.  C’mon. This is the pacific northwest!  Wear a raincoat and enjoy some liquid sunshine.  It feels good to be outside!  All entries are NON-Refundable.  You know what they say about “April Showers”.  Of course we’ll hold the event in the rain.  If we didn’t brave the elements, we’d all turn into moles (who, by the way, are not invited to this event, but you can learn more about CycleMoles by clicking here.)  

Q:  How far is 5K?
A:  5K is equal to 3.1 miles or 16,368 feet.

Q:  Who is organizing this event?
A:  Bellingham Tennis Club & Fairhaven Fitness with Hamster Endurance Training.  The Pooch Scoot is the brainchild of Robin Robertson (Bellingham Tennis Club & Fairhaven Fitness) and Kelly Krieger (Hamster Endurance Running) who wanted to host a fun event that anyone can do, include your doggies, and do some good in the world.
Why?  Because we want to promote community fun and good health.

Q:  Why “Pooch Scoot”?
A:  Because…..it seemed like it would be fun to organize an event in April – a 5K can be a challenge or warm up event depending on how much you (and your pooch) have been training.  If you don’t have a training plan, why don’t you follow this 7 week training plan from the Mayo Clinic.  Download it for free:  Mayo Clinic 5K 7 Week Training Plan

Q:  May I bring my goat (or other animal)?
A:  No, sorry, not your goat, not your camel, not even your hamster that fits in your pocket.  This event is limited to dogs and humans only.

Q: Do all dogs get a tennis ball at the finish line?
A:  We’ll do our best to give every pooch a tennis ball. The Bellingham Tennis Club is already saving up their used tennis balls for your doggies.

Q.  Is this a fundraiser?
A.  Yes!  50% of the net net proceeds will be donated to “Animals as Natural Therapy.”Animals as Natural Therapy

Animals as Natural Therapy (ANT) offers healing programs based on the knowledge that animals can teach humans important life skills: respect for self and others, trust-building, and clear communication. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, ANT operates out of Windy Acres, a onehundred year old, 5-acre farm situated at the edge of Bellingham in Northwest Washington. Windy Acres provides a peaceful, secluded spot for our animal and human partners to practice their healing work. Over the past decade, ANT has touched the lives of thousands of children and adults. http://www.animalsasnaturaltherapy.org

Q:  Do you need Volunteers?
A:  YES WE DO!  We need poochy helpers for registration, flagging the course, and at the finish chute.  Please email us if you would like to volunteer …and you’ll get a T-Shirt for free!  It should be about 3 – 4 hours max time on Sunday.  In the subject line please write “Pooch Scoot Volunteer” to robin(at)bellinghamtennis.com.

Q:  More Questions?
A:  Please call Robin Robertson at Bellingham Tennis Club & Fairhaven Fitness,
360-733-5050  or email us at robin(at)bellinghamtennis.com


Pooch Scoot 2013 Results

We all had a great time on the inaugural Pooch Scoot walk/run.  The dogs were happy, got lots of treats (and even tennis balls).  Their masters had a good time too on the rolling terrain through the  neighborhood and trails.   Animals as Natural Therapy thanks you too!



Wizard-of-Oz-on-trail-croppTurdee-Tote Runners-no-dogs-at-start runner-finishing-2 runner-finishing-1 Frosty-at-the-start finishers-walking fabulous-volunteers! dressed-dogs Best-Dressed-Dog

A BIG thanks to our supporters PET STOP for the dog treats, TONY’S COFFEE for the delicious brew in the morning and post race, FRED MEYER for human snacks, and TURDEE TOTES for giving all of the dog owners a FREE Tote!

Join us for Pooch Scoot 2014 on Sunday, April 13th!

Start and end at the Bellingham Tennis Club and Fairhaven Fitness and enjoy a beautiful loop through the Fairhaven neighborhood and dog park on streets and trails.